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My take on the NGS Confernece

Pat Rand & J. Mark Lowe
J. Mark Lowe & Past President Pat Rand at the 2016 NGS Conference
Article by Pat Rand
My experience at NGS was a little different than the other attendees, as I have been to half a dozen in the last few years.  As Treasurer of FGS, I was required to attend their conferences, although it didn’t take much arm-twisting.  This was the first conference in a long time where I had no official duties, and could attend lectures.  I took full advantage of that, and only missed a couple of sessions – 5 lectures a day for 4 days is grueling.   The highlight for me was running into people I had met in earlier years, as well as the speakers we’ve had at recent seminars.   I visited with the people from Ancestry (and vented my dissatisfaction with some of the changes), spent quite a bit of time in the Family Search booth discussing an upcoming project with a couple of their managers, and visited with vendors of software and books.  The hotel lobby was always full of interesting people, and we ended up eating (and drinking) with many other attendees.
NGS was excited to find out that VGS had given 10 scholarships of $400 each to encourage members to attend, and they gave us a couple of mentions and some photo ops.  We took full advantage of that publicity and talked it up to anyone who would listen.  We also shamelessly took selfies with every speaker we could find for our blog and newsletter.  The Villages Genealogical Society is a force to be reckoned with, and now everyone knows us!

April General Meeting

Meeting Photos
Our April 27, 2016 general monthly meeting was attended by 215 members. Our guest speaker was George Morgan. His presentation was, "Dissect Obituaries for New Clues", was well received by our audience with many questions being asked following the presentation.
What is an obituary? A notice of the death of a person, often with a biographical sketch, most often published in a newspaper. It is also...
  • A public record
  • An advertisement for a funeral parlor
  • An announcement of services
  • A tremendous potential source of genealogical information.
Due to a meeting location change beyond our control, we apologize to those who could not attend the meeting due to space limitations. A copy of the handout is available in the "Members Only" section of our website.

NEHGS in The Villages

NEHGS Seminar
The New England Historic Genealogical Society, the oldest and largest non-profit genealogical society in the country came to The Villages on Friday, April 1, 2016. A full house greeted the NEHGS staff and their presenters. The Villages Genealogical Society was well represented with over 30 members in attendance.
Topics covered included:
  • Using
  • Migrations out or New England
  • Choosing Genealogy Software
  • Probate Record Resources
  • Immigration and Naturalization
A cocktail reception was held after the conference. See more images in our Photo Gallery.

Admission to meetings of The Villages Genealogy Society is limited to
VGS members and paid guests.”

Wednesday, May. 25th
8:30 am
Brick Wall Solutions SIG Meeting
Wednesday, May. 25th
10:00 am
VGS General Monthly Meeting
Thursday, Jun. 9th
9:30 am
German Genealogy SIG Meeting
Friday, Jun. 10th
10:00 am
Genetic Genealogy SIG Meeting
Monday, Jun. 13th
1:00 pm
Family Tree Maker Users SIG Meeting

The U.S. Federal Census is taken every 10 years on a designated census day by an "enumerator" in a specific area called an enumeration district. The first census was done in 1790; there are no censuses before 1790.

The 1930 census lists the value of the property if owned, or the monthly rental if rented. This could lead to locating deeds, tax or mortgage records.

A military records subscription site is

Set up "proof files." These are your original documents that NEVER travel with you. Travel with copies if needed. Digital copies are easy to carry with you.

Short Tandem Repeat (STR): A short DNA motif (pattern) repeated in tandem. ATGC repeated eleven times would give the marker a value or allele of 11.