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Hello, my name is Annette Burke Lyttle and I am the coordinator of the Best Practices Special Interest Group. Pat Adams is the SIG’s co-coordinator. We meet on Zoom the third Monday of the month at 1:00 p.m. If you have a question about the SIG or would like to attend the next meeting, send me an email and I will respond as quickly as I can.
This SIG focuses on learning and using the best research practices in our genealogy work. Best practices can make our research more efficient and effective and can help us keep from making mistakes about the identities and relationships of our ancestors. We don’t want to accidentally attach the wrong person to our family tree and end up researching folks who are not our ancestors. This SIG uses a combination of presentations, guided study, and discussion.
In 2022 we will each choose a project from our own research and work on it using the process described in the book "Research Like a Pro: A Genealogist’s Guide", by Diana Elder, AG. The book is available at Amazon in Kindle and paperback editions. In addition, we will be digging deeper into three areas of research practice: analysis of sources, information, and evidence, writing proof discussions, and constructing source citations. The SIG accepts new members throughout the year, but those who join after January should be prepared to catch up on the topics that have already been studied.
You must be a member of The Villages Genealogical Society to participate in our meetings.
Meeting Schedule
Meeting Date   Topic:
17 Jan 2022   Analyzing Sources: Original, Derivative, Authored
21 Feb 2022   Analyzing Information: Primary, Secondary, Undetermined
21 Mar 2022   Analyzing Evidence: Direct, Indirect, Negative
18 Apr 2022   Transcribing and Abstracting
16 May 2022   Using Indirect and Negative Evidence
27 Jun 2022   Writing Proof Statements
18 Jul 2022   Writing Proof Summaries
15 Aug 2022   Writing Proof Arguments
19 Sep 2022   Source Citations
17 Oct 2022   More Complex Source Citations
21 Nov 2022   Discussion of Individual Research Projects
19 Dec 2022   Discussion of Individual Research Projects & 2023 Planning
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