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The Villages Genealogical Society sponsors live virtual broadcast presentations as part of your membership.  Here you can learn about these live events, presenter bio's and how to register.  Upcoming Presentations...

November Meeting Updates

Meeting Image
L-R: VP Annette Burke Lyttle, Margo Fariss Brewer, Pres. Pat Adams
Program Chair Yvonne Brannen
On Wednesday November 28, 2018, in addition to our regular monthly meeting, The VGS held an afternoon workshop.  Our guest speaker for the day was Margo Fariss Brewer. The morning presentation was "Newspapers & Times: Mastering This Combination Can Expose  Unanticipated Records."  We learned that mastering the genealogical research tools of timelines and newspaper research and then analyzing their results together will point you toward possible new resources and records for your ancestors.
In the afternoon workshop, we learned techniques for "Writing a Family Narrative Your Family Will Want To Read."  Handouts for both presentations can be found under the"Members Only" > Webinar & Meetings menu options.  Video will be available soon.

November Monday Evening Webinar

Your Personal Genealogy Education Plan:
"The latest edition of the Monthly Monday evening VGS Webinar was broadcast on Monday, November 19th. and the topic was "Your Personal Genealogy Education Plan."  113 members registered to attend the event and it is now online for viewing for those who missed the presentation. Elissa Scalise Powell, CG, CGL suggested several educational opportunities for beginners, intermediate, advanced and professional genealogists.
Login to "Members Only" > Webinar & Meetings to download the handout and to view the presentation.

VGS Western Caribbean Genealogy Cruise

February 2 - 9, 2019
Complete Details HERE...

VGS Receives the NGS Gold Star Award

Read the Letter from C. Ann Staley, Conference Chair, to President Lannin:
Comments from our members attending the Conference can be read HERE

Admission to meetings of The Villages Genealogy Society is limited to
VGS members and paid guests.”

Wednesday, Dec. 19th
9:30 am
Mid-Atlantic States SIG Meeting
Thursday, Dec. 20th
New England Genealogy SIG Meeting Canceled
Friday, Dec. 21st
10:00 am
Scandinavian Genealogy SIG Meeting
Tuesday, Jan. 1st
Adoption & Mystery Kin SIG Meeting Canceled
Wednesday, Jan. 2nd
9:00 am
French Canadian Genealogy SIG Meeting

A Guardianship represent individuals appointed by the court to oversee the affairs of a minor. It can also be used to oversee a business or a person incapable of handling their own affairs.

Public record keeping was very unorganized in previous generations.
[Vital Records]

It's very important to check maps. Boundaries change over time. Be sure the area where you think your ancestors resided is actually the area where they were.
[Hometown Records]

The 1890 U.S. Census records were destroyed by fire on January 10, 1921.

Major ports of entry were Baltimore, Boston, New York, Philadelphia and New Orleans. There were other ports that were not considered major ports.