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August Meeting Update

FGS Conference Attendees
Some of our members attending the FGS Conference in Fort Wayne
While our President & Vice-President and several of our other members were away at the FGS Conference in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, our regular monthly meeting featured a different twist from our usual meetings. We had round table discussion groups where we "Talked Genealogy."
The feed back as people exited was wonderful with everyone hoping we will repeat this format soon. One attendee told us that she loved having people with varied expertise at the table. She said she learned answers to questions she didn't know she should be asking! 

July Meeting Update

July Meeting Image
July 25, 2018 General Meeting
The July General Meeting featured our very own VP Annette Burke Lyttle as she presented "How Research Plans Can Up Your Genealogical Game."  Annette explained that taking some time to plan our research will actually save us time once we get into the records and allow us to target the records and collections that are most likely to get us the results we want.  Why do you need a plan?  The vast amount of records now available online can result in missing useful records or attaching records to our tree that don't really belong to us.
Members can download a copy of the handout by logging in under "Members Only."

Upcoming Special Events

VGS Western Caribbean Cruise
February 2 - 9, 2019
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VGS Receives the NGS Gold Star Award

Read the Letter from C. Ann Staley, Conference Chair, to President Lannin:
Comments from our members attending the Conference can be read HERE

Admission to meetings of The Villages Genealogy Society is limited to
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Thursday, Sep. 20th
12:00 pm
New England Genealogy SIG Meeting
Friday, Sep. 21st
10:00 am
Scandinavian Genealogy SIG Meeting
Monday, Sep. 24th
10:00 am
Technology SIG Meeting
Tuesday, Sep. 25th
2:00 pm
Midwest SIG Meeting
Monday, Oct. 1st
10:00 am
Jewish Genealogy SIG Meeting

STATE Land States are states that owned and distributed their lands. This includes the original 13 colonies, Kentucky, Maine, Tennessee, Vermont and West Virginia, Hawaii and Texas. They use "metes and bounds" to survey the land.
[Land Records]

Evidence: Direct Information in this source seems to address the research question all by itself.evidence speaks to the point in question.
[Sources & Evidence]

In 1820 the Federal Government began requiring ship manifest lists but the early years can be difficult to locate.

Only a small percentage of genealogical records are on the internet. You still need to conduct original research.
[Internet Reseach]

Newspapers are wonderful hometown records. In addition to looking for obituaries, be sure to look for articles about special events... births, baptisms/christenings, weddings and pre-nuptial events (bridal showers, etc.), birthdays (parties), anniversaries, etc.
[Hometown Records]