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Upcoming Monthly Program
May General Monthly Meeting (Virtual)
Wednesday, May 26 / 10:00 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.
Thomas MacEnteeSession 1 Topic 
Genealogy Do-Over: A Year of Learning From Mistakes
It isn't often that we get a "do-over" when it comes to stuff that matters in life. When you first got started researching your family history, did you do some things that now are just plain "embarrassing" such as name collecting, not citing sources and more? Well now there's hope since genealogists are employing new research methodologies and documentation practices.
Session 2 Topic
The Coded Census – Deciphering US Census Codes
Participants will learn this history of "coding the census" and how this information can improve genealogy research. Specifically we'll cover the 1910 to 1950 US Census Population Schedules and the various codes employed.
About our Speaker
What happens when a "tech guy" with a love for history gets laid off during The Great Recession of 2008? You get me, Thomas MacEntee, a genealogy professional who's also a blogger, educator, author, social media connector, marketer, network builder and more.
For more details, and to register, visit our Coming Events listing.


Upcoming Monday Evening Webinar
Live Webinar / June 14 – 7:00 to 8:00 pm
Featuring Guest Speaker:  Diahan Southard
Diahan SouthardThe Program: If you have ever stared at your DNA match list wondering where to begin, wonder no more. In this live, interactive session Diahan will dive into Karin's DNA test results to help her see how DNA testing can help her address her genealogy question of “Who are the parents of Friedrich Berg, who was born 29 Jan 1904 (16 Jan 1904 Gregorian), possibly in Rovno, Poland or Ukraine, married Lydia Kelm on 11 Aug 1928, immigrated and arrived in NY on 10 Oct 1929, resided in St. Joseph, MI, and died 24 Jun 1985 in Bridgman, MI.” Bring to this session your own DNA question, or just a mystery match you want to identify, and work your own mystery alongside Diahan and Karin. Everyone will leave this session knowing exactly what they need to do next to use their DNA in their family history.
Guest Speaker:  Diahan Southard, is a leading voice for consumer DNA testing from her position as Founder of Your DNA Guide. Diahan teaches internationally, consults with leading testing companies and forensics experts. Southard's company, Your DNA Guide (, deploys a team of scientists who provide one-on-one genetic genealogy education and research services. You will walk away from an interaction with her enlightened and motivated as she has a passion for genetic genealogy, a genuine love for people, and a gift for making the technical understandable. 
For more details, and to register, visit our Coming Events listing.

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Monday, May. 17th
1:00 pm
Italian Special Interest Group Meeting
Monday, May. 17th
1:00 pm
Best Practices SIG Meeting
Thursday, May. 20th
New England Genealogy SIG Meeting
Friday, May. 21st
Scandinavian Genealogy SIG Meeting
Monday, May. 24th
1:00 pm
Italian Special Interest Group Meeting

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in Washington, DC and its Regional Branches, is the principal repository for records relating to the US federal government. These include the original paper copies of the federal census, all pre-World War I military records, Native American records, military service and pension records, naturalization records, ship passenger lists, land-entry case files, and homestead and bounty land warrant records. NARA's website is the place to begin research for federal records.
[Federal Records]

Evidence Indirect: The information in this source does not directly answer the research question, but helps to answer the question when combined with information from other sources.
[Sources & Evidence]

The 1930 census lists the value of the property if owned, or the monthly rental if rented. This could lead to locating deeds, tax or mortgage records.

Digital copies, sometimes called "portable files", are copies of your original documents, family group sheets, notes, pedigree charts, etc.

Source Summary: It is helpful to be able to refer quickly to information you have found for a particular family and the sources of that information. Keep a separate source summary of information found for each family group.
[Charts & Forms]