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The Villages Genealogical Society sponsors live virtual broadcast presentations as part of your membership.  Learn more about our live monthly General Meetings and Monday Evening Webinars, presenter bio's and how to register to attend Here...  


Upcoming Program
January Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, January 20 / 10:00 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.
(Note: this meeting is a week earlier than usual.)
Lois Mackin 
Lois Abromitis Mackin, PhD
Our meeting this month will include 2 sessions.
Session 1 Topic:  Vital Records
Dates and places of births, marriages, and deaths are the "meat & potatoes" of our genealogical research. Learn how to find the facts in local, state and even federal goverment records.
Session 2 Topic:  Finding Overseas Ancestors: An Irish Case Study
This case shows how researching the American records of a late 19th century immigrant to Wisconsin and his family led to identifying his place of origin in Ireland.
Ms. Mackin is a professional genealogist focusing on American and English research. She writes and teaches about genealogical records and methods, including DNA.
For more details, and to register, visit our Coming Events listing.

Recent Past Event
January Monday Evening Webinar
 Sharon Hoyt Image
Sharon Hoyt, CG
"The Missing Man: Brick Wall Strategies" was the topic for our first Monday evening webinar of 2021, presented by Sharon Hoyt, CG. Sharon pointed out the key points for your research. Plan, Names, Locations, Research, Analyze and Manage your findings. There are also many tools such as previous research, vital records, and family records. Are there military, religious, court, land, cemetery or occupational records? Don't forget the newspapers.
Existing research can provide a good starting place, but don’t accept it without verifying it and that you agree with their conclusions.
The recordings and handouts are now available in the "Members Only" section of our website, under "Webinars and Meetings."

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Monday, Jan. 18th
1:00 pm
Best Practices SIG Meeting
Wednesday, Jan. 20th
9:30 am
Mid-Atlantic States SIG Meeting
Wednesday, Jan. 20th
10:00 am
VGS General Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, Jan. 20th
1:00 pm
New England Genealogy SIG Meeting
Monday, Jan. 25th
10:00 am
Family Tree Maker / Technology SIG Meeting

Information Secondary The information in this source contains details provided by someone with secondhand (or more distant) knowledge of the person, event, or situation (hearsay, tradition, local lore, a birth date of a death certificate etc.) A Death Certificate can contain both primary and secondary source information.
[Sources & Evidence]

“A court clerk may suggest you need only look at the grantee index, and not the grantor index. Don’t listen! There can be a variety of reasons why the purchase was not entered in the grantee index, although later the sale appears in the grantor index. The first deed may have been a patent or grant from the state or federal government, inherited, overlooked when the index was prepared, or just not recorded. Always check both indexes." Ibid
[Court Records]

To find a birth date from a death date, subtract the age in years, months and days from the date of death. This is a very close approximation.
[Basic Genealogy]

The 1840 Census asks about names and ages of Pensioners for Revolutionary or other Military Service.

National Personnel Records Center, St. Louis, MO., has U.S. military records for World War I or later. World War I draft registration cards are online, along with some of the World War II enlistment records. Some of the records in St. Louis were destroyed by fire, and they ask that you send the request for records back a second time since the first reply is computer-generated.
[Federal Records]