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The Villages Genealogical Society sponsors live virtual broadcast presentations as part of your membership.  Here you can learn about these live events, presenter bio's and how to register.  Upcoming Presentations...

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September Meeting Update

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September 19, 2019 General Meeting
Our September General Meeting was an encore presentation by Blaine Bettinger, PhD, JD, entitled "Introduction to DNA."  In today's presentation, we learned the fundamentals of DNA testing and was a "warm-up" for our February Annual Seminar. At our seminar, Mr. Bettinger will present 4 additional, more advance, DNA presentations to our attendees. Registration for the seminar has begun. Click on the link above for more information and a registration form.
The Webinar & Handout are online: "Members Only" > Webinar & Meetings

VGS Receives the NGS Gold Star Award

Read the Letter from C. Ann Staley, Conference Chair, to President Lannin:
Comments from our members attending the Conference can be read HERE

Admission to meetings of The Villages Genealogy Society is limited to
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Friday, Sep. 20th
10:00 am
Scandinavian Genealogy SIG Meeting
Monday, Sep. 23rd
10:00 am
Technology SIG Meeting
Tuesday, Sep. 24th
9:30 am
Mid-Atlantic States SIG Meeting
Tuesday, Sep. 24th
2:00 pm
Midwest SIG Meeting
Wednesday, Sep. 25th
9:00 am
Board of Directors Meeting

Tax records, jury and militia records are indicators of a person's residence.
[Basic Genealogy]

Don't always depend on "source material" others have posted. Even census records were not always recorded accurately. Have at least 2 similar source results to back up your findings.
[Internet Reseach]

Source: Derivative Materials that offer alternate versions of the original: this source is abstracted, compiled, formed into a database, transcribed, translated or otherwise derived from the original.
[Sources & Evidence]

The Pedigree Chart is a map from you to your ancestors. Begin with yourself. Females always use their maiden names.
[Basic Genealogy]

How can I find where my ancestor was buried? Try finding death certificates, death indexes and obituaries. Search old newspapers for clues. Try finding your ancestor on or billiongraves .com.