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Early citizenship began with the Naturalization Act of 1790. It required a two year residency before an immigrant could obtain citizenship.
Last Updated: 3 April 2016
The census records may contain a good clue to when a person obtained citizenship.
Last Updated: 3 April 2016
Women were included under their husbands' naturalization until 1920. However, due to the Expatriation Act of 1907, a women lost her citizenship if she married a person from another country that had not already been naturalized.
Last Updated: 3 April 2016
The USCIS Genealogy Program is a fee-for-service program that provides researchers with timely access to historical immigration and naturalization records of deceased immigrants.
Last Updated: 22 March 2016
Naturalization is the process by which U.S. citizenship is granted to a foreign citizen or national after he or she fulfills the requirements established by Congress in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).
Last Updated: 22 March 2016
Collective naturalization is a process used when a government acquires the territory of a foreign government by treaty or cession, and the inhabitants receive the rights and privileges of citizenship.
Last Updated: 22 March 2016
A Declaration of Intention is a document an alien usually filed in a court declaring his intention to apply for citizenship after fulfillment of the residency requirement.
Last Updated: 22 March 2016
Final papers are the Petition for Citizenship with supporting affidavits filed by an alien in court.
Last Updated: 22 March 2016
When going through old papers, be on the lookout for a Certificate of Naturalization of your ancestor. It was given to them at the time of their Citizenship, however, it contains little information compared to the other naturalization paperwork.
Last Updated: 3 April 2016