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Elizabeth Shown Mills: Historical records offer evidence, but their assertions may or may not be true. To judge what likely happened, we must understand those records. To analyze that evidence and decide what to believe, we also need certain facts about those records themselves.
Last Updated: 8 December 2023
Just need one or two quick citations? No need to log in or subscribe -- simply generate them in NoodleTools Express and copy and paste what you need into your document.
Last Updated: 8 December 2023
A slightly more advanced citation generator than WorldCat. You paste the ISBN number or the book name in and it will generate the WorldCat citation. You can also edit and add your own information. You are guided by their template. You can also make your own citation from scratch.
Last Updated: 8 December 2023
On any book's detail page, click the small link at the top right that says 'Cite/Export' and it will generate a simple citation for you.
Last Updated: 8 December 2023