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In nearly all States, adoption records are sealed and withheld from public inspection after an adoption is finalized. Most States have instituted procedures by which parties to an adoption may obtain both nonidentifying and identifying information from an adoption record while still protecting the interests of all parties. This is the latest list available.
Founded by CeCe Moore a genetic genealogy media consultant and a professional genetic genealogist.
This is the repository for documentation about using your DNA results. While the site was originally conceived of for adoptees, it is proving to be useful for genealogy as well.
If you’re an adoptee hoping to find biological family members, we recommend the following strategies.
Statistics, Studies and Research on Adoption and Adoption Related Issues. Contains many links of valuable information.
This is a closed group on Facebook. Join this group to see the discussion, post and comment.
A free information resource for adoptees, genealogists and others exploring genetic roots
Download this 11 page fact sheet that examines the impact of adoption on adopted persons who have reached adulthood.
The Definitive Guide to Self-Empowered Adoptee Search.
Locating information about an adoption in your family takes time. Here are a few suggestions to help in your search: Information from the family search Wiki.