Our Officers Serve 2 Year Terms.
The Villages Genealogical Society

Meet Our Officers

VGS By-Law #5 states: Officers of the Society shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. Their elected terms shall be for two years. Our current officers are:

President:  Annette Burke Lyttle
Annette Burke Lyttle is a professional genealogist with a passion for genealogy education, which she views as a never-ending process and a critial mission of VGS. She was previously vice president and program chair of VGS, and she is excited to lead this wonderful organization. Annette moved to The Villages from Colorado in 2016. She has deep roots in the Midwest and Northeast. She teaches for the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG) and the Family History Academy. Annette is editor of The Florida Genealogist.

Vice President:  Judi Rutherford
Judi joined The VGS in 2018. While originally from Boston, she lived in Maine and Georgia before moving to The Villages. Her interest in genealogy becan with her husband's family tree as it was easier to research. But a desire to know more about her Irish grandmother was what encouraged her to expand her skills watching webinars and attending focused institutes. It was also not enough to just gather vital statistics. Where people were born and how they live and worked in their day-to-day lives was also important.
   Judi began her career as a Registered Nurse, went on to get a degree in Political Science and Organizational Change. She has served on the VGS Program Committee as Vice President and Program Chair and looks forward to the opportunity to work with Annette as VGS President and the VGS Program Committee.

Secretary:  Deanna Lammes
Deanna Lammes views her position as VGS Secretary as an opportunity to combine her passion for genealogy with her appreciation for the contributions of other members who make The VGS the valuable organization that it is.
   Deanna is a native of northern New York State. Following college graduation, she taught French and Spanish in central and western New York. She then graduated from the University of Rochester's business school with an MBA and joined the Xerox Corporation where she held various positions in the Human Resources function until retirement.

Treasurer:  Donna Yambasky
Donna Yambasky was elected VGS Treasurer for the 2020-2021 term and continues to hold this position. Donna has been a VGS member since 2013 and has previously served on the board as Librarian.
   Donna, the 6th of 8 children, was born in Detroit, Michigan. She lived most of her life in nearby Livonia. To supplement their income, the family raised vegetables in a one-acre back yard garden and sold them at a stand in their front yard. At a very young age, Donna was taking care of customers and handling money – good practice for her position as Treasurer!
   After working 13 years for Michigan Bell, when her daughters were ages one and two, she returned to school to become an RN (Registered Nurse). After retirement, she and her husband, Bob, moved to The Villages full time in 2014. They have 4 grandchildren, two in Tallahassee and two in Iowa City, Iowa.
   An interest in genealogy led her to membership in the Ford Genealogy Club in Dearborn and the Western Wayne County Genealogical Society. Her ancestors came to America from Hungary and Lithuania in the years from 1891-1906. Donna is very proud of the VGS mission to provide educational opportunities to its members and enjoys the camaraderi of like-minded Villagers.