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El Destino Plantation Project

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FSGS and the Library of Florida History in Cocoa have asked us to help with another project. The Library holds many original documents from the El Destino Plantation, a large cotton plantation near Tallahassee. They have Plantation Journals for the period for 1862 through 1869, which cover the pre-Civil War, the War, Emancipation, and Reconstruction periods.The journals will be scanned this Spring, and then the records will be made available online for us to transcribe and index. The journals and related mill records and other business correspondence are a treasure trove of information about the lives of the slaves who lived and worked on this plantation. The journals record each day, with the weather and the number of slaves working at each task. They also state which slaves were sick or did not work, what rations, clothing, or medicine they received, and when doctors were called in to treat them. These are invaluable records to document slavery and the slaves themselves on a Florida cotton plantation, and will provide much genealogical information for their descendants.
The VGS has completed their portion of the project and it remains in progress at the Florida Archives.