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 General Information
Hello, my name is Jean Coleman and I am the coordinator of the French-Canadian Special Interest Group. We meet the first Wednesday of the month from 9:00am to 10:50am. at the La Hacienda Recreation Center. During the year we also take field trips to libraries, seminars and other genealogical events. We do not meet June through September. If you have a question about this SIG, please send an email to me and I will respond as quickly as I can.
This group discusses points of interest to all involved such as hereditary disorders in the French Canadian population, migratory routes to the United States, New England and the Midwest. The groups also discusses where to research to find your answers; and since most of us have the same ancestors, we share our knowledge with each other through reports. We encourage everyone to write their story, or stories, for future generations. Everyone has a chance to speak about their own research and share what has been helpful to them. We also focus on whatever someone has a question on, something found out, etc., and we also try to teach the use of computers (laptops and programs), and how to research effectively. Members are asked to bring a family group record of all their French-Canadian ancestors to share with the group. For the most up-to-date information on meetings dates and topics, check the Coming Events calendar on this website.
You must be a member of The Villages Genealogical Society to participate in our meetings. If you are not a member but would like to be, visit the VGSFL Membership page on our website for information and to join online.
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Meeting Location
La Hacienda Recreation Center, 1200 Avenida Central
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